Membership Fees 2020/2021



Membership fees payable by swimmers are made up of:


CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES (invoiced Oct & Apr):

  • 1 child - $100
  • 2 children - $190
  • 3 children - $270
  • 4 children - $340


COACHING FEES - see table below


SWIMMING WA REGISTRATION FEE - Swimmers are required to be registered with the club.  This annual registration fee is set by Swimming WA, paid online and includes swimmer insurance and registration.

  • Competitive Swimmer (9 yr & over Competitive) $121 Annually
    Junior Dolphin Swimmer (8 yr old) $44 Annually

KIDSPORT - we accept Kidsport vouchers. More information can be found here.






Coaching Fees per Quarter (invoiced monthly; Oct, Jan, Apr & Jul)

The club coaching fees for the season 2020 – 2021 are:


Squad Sessions per week  Monthly Fee  Hours
 Dolphins 2 Session2 $47 4 hours/week
 Dolphins 3 Session3 $77.50 6 hours/week
 Junior State 4 Session4$96.508 hours/ week
 Junior State 5 Session5$109.5011.5 hours/week
 Senior Development 5 Session 5$109.5011.5 hours/ week
 Senior Development 6 Session6$12013-13.5 hours/ week
 National Development7-8$14215.5-16 hours/week
Senior Option for Y12/Uni  $97 8 hours/week

Please note the Coaching/Lane Hire fees are charged per month and the club fee is per season (two seasons per year).


Mandurah Swimming Club relies on swimmers’ fees to pay for the coaches and lane hire, insurance, equipment and other club operating costs. 100% of the coaching and lane hire fees are paid out in lane hire and to our coaches each season. The club funds the rest of the outgoings from the membership fees and fund-raising activities such as our annual swim meet.  The fees are set by the Club Committee/Board each year and are communicated to members. Fees are invoiced per quarter for coaching and per season for the club fee. They do not include the annual fee to Swimming WA. The Swimming WA membership fee is charged per annum and needs to be paid directly to Swimming WA when joining or renewed in September each year.

Additional costs to swimmers which are not covered by fees include but are not limited to pool entry, swim meets entries, country pennants, and club uniforms.



  • Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each month. Fees need to be paid within 2 weeks of the invoice period commencing even if payment plan has been arranged and by our Treasurer.

  • Swimmers are welcome to come and trial for a period of 2 weeks before Swimming WA registration is required. Membership forms are required when the swimmers jump in the pool and will be destroyed if the swimmer chooses not to continue after the trial period  

  • Registration with Swimming WA must be completed within 2 weeks of commencing training with the club.

  •  Payments can be paid either as a direct deposit into club account, by using PAYPAL or in cash at the club office. Bank details can be found at the bottom of each invoice.


  • Swimmers fees which are still outstanding by the end of the quarter, will be excluded from training sessions and club activities until outstanding fees are paid in full. Swimmers can be deregistered with Swimming WA for late/non-payment of fees preventing them from attending or registering at swim meets or with another club.

  • Club members with outstanding payments not received on the due dates as above will be contacted and sent a reminder via email.

  • Swimmers are not able to transfer to another club if any funds are owed to the Mandurah Swimming Club.



  • In exceptional circumstances a member may apply for an arrangement to be entered into that enables the member to continue to participate in club sessions. The terms of such an arrangement are at the sole discretion of the Mandurah Swimming Club management committee.



  • If a swimmer is out of the pool for a period of time throughout the season due to illness, injury or holidays, please note that fees are still payable.

  • Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration. If a situation arises that your child is unable to participate in training sessions under medical advice, for a minimum of 2 weeks, a medical certificate is required to be to be considered for fee adjustment.



  • A minimum 4 weeks notice is required, should you decided to leave the Mandurah Swimming Club.

  • This notice must be given in writing to the Secretary and the President at . This can be done via email or in written letter.

  • Swimmers are not able to transfer to another club if any funds are owed to the Mandurah Swimming Club.



  • As per the disciplinary policy, if a child is suspended from swimming, for a period of time, full fees are still payable.

  • If child is excluded from the Mandurah Swimming Club, then fees will be payable up to date of exclusion.

  • More information is available in the Disciplinary Policy.



All queries on club fees can be emailed to the club treasurer at