Meet MSC Coach Tash
Can you tell us about your swimming history?

“I originally started my coaching career at the Mandurah swim club nearly 10 years ago, I was the junior coach. I also have 3 kids, all were swimmers. My eldest was a national swimmer in freestyle and backstroke, my boy was a great swimmer but decided footy was more attractive and my youngest was a national swimmer in all strokes but was a specialist in IM.”

Wow! So, how long have you been coaching with James?

“I originally took the kids to go and swim with James in his program that was running out of Waroona and the Murray leisure centre, he needed help to run his program around his full time job, so it just started from there. Sophie was 10, so it is now coming up for 8 years of working side by side”.

What makes your coaching partnership work so well?

“Our partnership works so well because we both have common goals, its all about the kids. We are both totally dedicated to what we do and we have mutual respect for each others strengths and weaknesses. It wasn’t always easy in the beginning especially with me being a coach and a mum of one of his swimmers, but when you stick together with the same goals in mind you start to almost think for each other (god help me!)”

What do you love most about being a swim coach?

“The thing that I love most about being a swim coach is the kids - helping them to achieve their goals, and I love seeing their reaction when they are achieving. They keep you honest and they keep you young!”

Aw, that’s lovely! Ok let’s find out a bit more about you now...If you were given an unlimited menu choice...what starter, main and dessert would you choose?

“Lets start with dessert, that’s easy apple pie and custard or ice-cream. I don’t really like starters, I prefer to save my self for the dessert!! Then for main, a really good authentic pasta dish or a nice steak with no fat on it....Oh and for after got to have some yummy chocolate. Oh also a nice SB wine”

Great choices!!
What are your wisest words of advice to give to the swimmers of our club?

“Nothing worth doing is ever easy. You will get what you put in”.
“For things to change, you have to change, for things to get better, you need to get better.”
“And one more - The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

Can you tell us something about you, that not everyone would know?

“I am a hairdresser by trade. One thing no one knows about me is that I had 10 years training as a singer when I was younger, and I sang on a TV talent show when I was 12years. Cant sing now though!”

We need to get hold of that footage!!
Thanks so much Tash, it’s clear you have the kids interests at heart. We are lucky to have you!